Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

“At NOVA Constructions we stand out for our ability to meet the needs of both our people and those of various organizations, where and when needed. The environment, our employees and our customers are always at the center of everything we do every day. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to support and strengthen every effort that leads us to success.”

Panos Livadas, CEO

Ioannis Anastasopoulos

  • BA, Economics and Political Science at Panteion University
  • M.A. Cambridge University, Economics
  • Company of Senior Business Executives (EASE): Management Consultant
  • Honorary President of the Scientific Non-Profit Agency “AXIOTIS”
  • Member of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council

    Previous experience:

  • Executive President of NATWEST GROUP Greece with general responsibility for the Balkan countries and Cyprus.
  • Executive President of the Hellenic Investment Center ELKE.
  • Member of the Central Special Council for the Selection of General Managers in the State, of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Government

Dr. Panos Livadas

  • B.A., University of Florida, Business Administration and Political Science
  • M.A. and PhD, University of Athens, Electoral Sociology and Behavior 
  • Behavior respectively.

         Previous experience:

  • General Secretary of Ministry of Tourism
  • General Secretary, Hellenic Tourism Organization, Ministry of Tourism
  • Secretary General of Communication and Information, Ministry of State
  • Director of the Prime Minister’s Press Office.
  • Managerial positions in family businesses. Food Industry.

Menelaos Daskalakis
Board Member

  • University of Athens, Economics

          Previous experience:

  • Secretary General, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Secretary General of Telecommunications, Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.
  • Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute, General Manager
  • General Manager, New Democracy
  • General Manager of Special Press Companies, Technology, IT and Internet companies.
  • Director of Business Magazine “Tourist Market”.
  • Sales and Marketing Manager in Commercial Enterprises

Eleni Zoumpoulidou

Board Member

  • CEO of a company operating in the United States in the aluminum and energy-saving products sector.
  • CEO of a company operating in Japan in the renewable energy sector. 
  • Executive with certification in information technology and multimedia applications. 
  • Human Resource Manager with specialization in personnel development and evolution.

Athena Kranidou
Board Member

  • Graduated Civil Engineer, National Technical University of Athens

          Previous experience:

  • Aktor SA, Supervising Engineer, Olympic Stadium
  • ERGOSE SA, Supervising Engineer of the Athens-Larissa Railway Department, Head of the Control Department of the Directorate of the Head Authority
  • Municipality of Glyfada Directorate of Technical Services & Urban Planning

Alice Steliou
Board Member

    • Graduated Architect Engineer, National Technical University of Athens

         Previous experience:

    • Project Manager, Architectural Studies of private residences and business premises in Athens
    • Participation in public works studies with design degree category Α6 & Α7 ME AM 23889  
    • Member of the architectural firm – Senior Architect of the recognised Architect Nikolaos Chatzikiriakos.
    • Participation in Architectural Ideas Competitions in Athens and abroad
    • Global project marketing manager in Real Estate.

Marialena Anterrioti

Board Member

Graduate Architect Engineer, Polytechnic School, University of Patras

  • 3D designer, BMarko Structures, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Participation and processing of building permits, Energy and Design
  • Participation in start-up business, Patras Office Space (P.O.S)
  • Participation and execution of a permit for the construction of an industrial building, COFFEE ISLAND at the industrial area of Patras
  • Internship in the field of energy and photovoltaic installations, at the euro-residential technical, hotel and tourism joint venture of Piritium S.A. at the industrial area of Patras